Swimming pool

There are several terraces around the house. The 12 x 5 meter swimming pool is on a higher terrace and can be reached by a staircase.
The pool has a walk-in staircase and a diving board. There is no fence, making it less suitable for families with young children who cannot swim yet. From the pool and the pool terrace there is a gorgeous view over the valley and the adjacent forest.
The pool has a unique Zodiac salt electrolysis system. The key advantages of this system are:

  • Natural salt instead of chemical chlorine
  • No itching, burning eyes, sensitive skin and ears
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A pH level that is close to the body’s own acidity level.
  • No discolored swimwear.

There is a bathroom at the pool area, with a toilet and sink and a shower with hot and cold water.
There is also free Wi-Fi around the pool.